Monthly Archive: September 2016

Playstation 4

Slimmer PS4 with 500 GB Hard Drive And HDR Announced

Yesterday Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that the new version of the company’s much touted PS4 gaming console will be a little leaner in the waistline. Sony has also managed to drop power consumption by 34%...

Bill Nye

Bill Nye Returning To TV… Sort Of

That’s right 90’s kids, your favorite tv scientist (Although I am old enough to be kind of partial to Mr. Wizard) will be returning to TV in the form of a new talk show...

Plex PVR Recordings

Plex Partners With Silicondust To Be Your DVR

Cord cutters have something to get really excited about. Super popular HTPC software PLEX has just announced that you will soon be able to record live TV by pairing it with a digital antenna...

Titan Kodi Skin

Kodi Skin Highlight: Titan

Today we are going to look at my personal favorite skin for Kodi, Titan. At first glance Titan looks like a straight clone of the classic MediaPortal theme, but under the hood Titan is arguably...