Mythbusters Grant, Kari, & Tory Getting New Show


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  • ConservatusCarnifex

    Netflix? Sweet- that means we can get some Kari sex scenes thrown in for free!

    • Jarrett Tennis

      Netflix, not skin-amax.

  • Kelly Allistone

    When they got the boot I was not saddened, I was angered, and that was the end of Mythbusters for me.

    I will definitely be tuning in to watch these three.

    • Jarrett Tennis

      Adam and Jamie’s segments were my favorite just because they tended to get tasked with the biggest, r cooler productions but I loved their on screen chemistry. You can’t fake that. Side note, anyone remember when Scottie famously said to Kari “let’s egg him on until he hurts himself.” when Tory was doing jumps on the bicycle?